Friday, April 28, 2017

Ants Don't Have Blood

Ants have something called "hemolymph" which is a clear fluid that flows without the assistance of a circulatory system, but that's probably the least derpy thing to come out of the latest chapter in the anti-Jihan drama war.

There is no blood here..

Now, I love me some good bug hype as much as anyone, so when came online a couple days ago, I took notice.  Especially since I've got some ANTMINER S9s sitting in my garage that may be vulnerable to the issue.  Unfortunately, the number of red pixels on that website isn't really justified for this class of bug.  First off, the "bleed" suffix, referencing the old Heartbleed bug, has been reserved since then for memory disclosures.  This means vulnerable systems that you can hit in a funny way, and they disclose important information to you.  Most recently these are bugs like SSHBleed, or CloudBleed, etc.  There's no blood here though, both metaphorically in terms of urgency, and literally in terms of memory disclosure.  These miners have a feature built in that checks a web service to see if they are stolen, and if they are, they refuse to mine.  That's it.

Anti-Theft Telemetry

So what is Anti-Theft Telemetry?  This is a technology built into most phones, many new cars, and all sorts of embedded electronic gadgets that phone home regularly to determine if they are stolen, and if they are, the devices can be disabled.  If a mining rig gets stolen, the owner can report the theft to BITMAIN, and they can flip a switch, and your average thief will have a hard time getting the device working for them.
Now, I'll be the first to say that telemetry technologies are stupid, and in many ways, invasive, but it's also an extremely common, and often requested, theft deterrence feature.

Central Control

The thing that a lot of people have been freaking out over is the idea that Jihan, owner of BITMAIN, could shut down a huge part of the Bitcoin mining network if he wanted to, since a large portion of it is running on BITMAIN hardware.  While it is true that yes, he could screw over all his customers if he wanted to, it would damage his company irreparably, and for what?  A vast majority of the affected customers would be back online within a couple hours.  This, however, is no different than a large mining pool deciding to divert hashing power, or block users, except a mining pool could then steal its customers bitcoins as well.

The Man in the Middle

What I think is a much more serious concern is the Man in the Middle problem.  A malicious actor (and we've seen quite a few recently) could hijack the telemetry service and use it to make a political statement.  The derp-de-doo who implemented this feature didn't use HTTPS for the telemetry connection, which opens it up several points of attack.  Still though, the worst case scenario is denial of service, and since no one uses TLS for their mining traffic either, these points of attack are exactly the same as those that would hijack mining traffic itself, like the attacks we saw in 2014 that are still just as possible today.  Again, these attacks would net actual bitcoins, and are therefore much more likely for a profit driven attacker to go after.  The only threat (and it is a serious one) would be from those who would want to hurt BITMAIN's reputation.

Who done it?

One question that I feel isn't getting asked enough is, who did this?  We all know that Codenomicon found Heartbleed, Qualys found SshBleed, and Tavis found CloudBleed, but the AntBleed website has a distinct lack of identifying markers.

Besides there being nothing on the actual site, a quick whois will tell you that the site was registered with Namecheap, a registrar that allows you to register domains with Bitcoin.  It's also WhoisGuard protected, so whoever registered the domain didn't want anyone to know who they are.  The site is also being hosted on GitHub under an anonymous "antbleed" account which was used exclusively for setting up this site.  Luckily someone cloned the repo before the antbleed user deleted all their history, or we wouldn't even have that.

Clearly, whoever is promoting AntBleed doesn't want to be identified, which solidifies the suspicions that this was less of a bug report, and more of a pure political hit piece.  Jihan, owner of BITMAIN, upset a lot of people a couple months ago when he started speaking out against how the core Bitcoin developers were behaving, and began pointing the hashing power of his mining pool towards an alternative implementation, undermining the current core development team.  The retaliation has been swift, and strong, and most of all, shocking.


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